Dr Dianne Clifton


Consultant Psychiatrist

Honorary Senior Lecturer, Monash University
Senior Fellow, University of Melbourne

Dr Dianne Clifton is a senior consultant psychiatrist and Medical Director of Psychosocial Cancer Care at St Vincent’s Hospital and Caritas Christi.

In this role Dr Dianne Clifton is responsible for the development of statewide education and training of staff from different disciplines in the delivery of psychosocial cancer care, clinical service delivery to SVH and staff support programmes.

Dr Dianne Clifton has been active in research related to delirium and the reactivation of post traumatic memory and has presented internationally in this area. She lectures frequently on cancer issues and the psychiatric aspects of medical illness and runs short courses on these topics. With an orientation in systems theory and intervention Dr Dianne Clifton has a particular interest in work with the families of cancer patients. In her private practice Dr Dianne Clifton sees patients with cancer and their families through all stages of their illness and treatment experience.